Friendly Couple Requests Tree Removal

A couple nearby had just purchased their first home. The home was a fixer upper, so the couple knew that they had to do some work on the interior of the home, which they were prepared to do. The couple worked endless hours on fixing up the inside of the home. It took them several months, but they finally got the home looking great. One afternoon the couple were sitting on their deck when they noticed that a large oak tree in the back yard was dangerously leaning towards their home. The couple knew that this is one job that they couldn’t handle themselves, so they started asking family and friends who was the best tree removal company in Kansas City and it seemed like everyone recommended our company.

Estimate for Tree Removal and Job Specs

The couple contacted us the next morning and explained their concerns with the large oak tree in their backyard. The couple asked when we could come take a look at the tree and we scheduled a tree service appointment Wednesday morning. Our crew arrived at the residence on time and started evaluating the tree. Our certified arborist immediately noticed that the oak tree was unhealthy. The bottom of the tree was covered with mushrooms, which is a sign that the tree is dying or even dead inside of the tree. Our arborist also noticed that there were tent caterpillars found on the limbs and the trunk of the tree. When there are tent caterpillars in these areas, then the tent caterpillars are removing all the food source from the tree, which is essentially making the tree starve.

We performed this tree removal for a couple in kc, MOThe couple didn’t realize that the tree was unhealthy, but was more concerned that the tree was going to fall on their home. The couple asked why there were limbs with leaves that were new if the tree was dying, and our arborist said that dying limbs can have new leaves growing on them, but if you notice the leaves on these limbs are much smaller and less populated on the limbs, which is another sign of an unhealthy tree. Our specialists recommended that the tree be removed for safety first and because it was diseased. We gave the couple an estimate and they agreed to have the work done.

The team returned the following morning with our specialized bucket crane and equipment, so we could safely remove the tree. Within just a few hours the team had the tree removed and was grinding the stump. By the end of the day the oak tree was gone and there was no sign that there was ever a tree in that location. The Kansas City couple came home from work and were very happy to see their yard was done. The couple said that our tree care is definitely the most professional that either of them has worked with.