Tree Removal

Tree Removal Kansas CityFor top Tree removal in Kansas City it’s Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care.  Call us, the experienced professionals, today! We understand the complexities of removing trees in neighborhoods and you’ll love our prices.

Large Tree Removal

We offer crane service and have a custom bucket truck.  This allows us to handle the toughest tree removal jobs with ease!

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Tree Removal – Recommended Service

Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service are your tree removal experts. Our team never likes to remove a tree, but sometimes there is no way around it. There are times when removing a tree is the only option due to damage from high winds, storms, lighting and ice. Before cutting down a tree we will do all we can to save the tree. Our specialists will examine, then determine the best treatment and option for the landscape and the home owner.

Trees show signs that are not healthy. A few of these signs include:

  • Hollowing at the trunk of the tree
  • Rotting in the tree
  • Fungus growing on the roots or the trunk of the tree
  • Mushrooms growing at the base of the tree
  • The tree is fifty percent dead on the top of the tree
  • The tree is leaning more than it has in the past

If you notice any of these signs on your tree, then contact the tree removal specialists at Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service. We will come out and evaluate the tree. If the tree is beyond saving,  we will cut it down safely. We use only professional equipment. Tree cutting comes with several benefits as it will increase the beauty of the landscape, provides safety from storms, reduces any health risk to the tree and increases the value of the property. The professional will determine if there is any way to save the tree, but if the tree is beyond saving, then a professional will use the correct equipment for tree cutting.

A crane or bucket truck is sometimes needed in tight and difficult spots. A qualified professional should also carry full coverage insurance for protection to the homeowner and the workers. The only company to call for tree cutting in Kansas City is Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service. We are trained, qualified and have the equipment needed for tree trimming, tree cutting. Tree removal is a very dangerous and should only be done by qualified experts that possess full insurance to protect you and your property. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service are here to help. Call us today! If you need emergency tree cutting service, call us. We offer 24 hour service!

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