Tree Trimming service

Cartwright Tree SIteTrimming your trees is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home.  We have designed a highly effective strategy of trimming your trees in a way that reduces stress on the tree, discourages crossover growth and limits the negative impact of dying and diseased branches.  We are a local, family owned and operated Kansas City Tree service.

Tough Tree Job?

We offer both Crane service and a custom bucket truck.  This allows us to do the tough jobs where others can’t.  We are experienced, fully licensed, insured and ready to serve you today!

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Tree Trimming Kansas City Recommends

Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service are your tree trimming specialists in Kansas City. Tree trimming is essential to the life, beauty and health of your tree. Having your tree’s trimmed will eliminate high costs later. Selecting a tree specialist in Kansas City is vital. Tree trimming should be done to remove lower branches from the tree. This will allow for more sunlight for the grass, which will make it grow and increase safety for the home. It also provides for safety against storm damage to homes, power lines, cars and people.T

Tree Pruning- Why Is It Important?

Tree Pruning should be done by a specialist who will know the exact time of year that the tree should be pruned. If a tree is pruned the wrong time of year it can cause damage or death to the tree. One of the best investments that homeowner can do for their trees is to prune them. It will lengthen the life, along with adding beauty.

Why is tree pruning important? One of the main reasons to do tree pruning in Kansas City is to eliminate any diseased branches that is on the tree. The specialist can evaluate the tree and determine if tree pruning can save the tree. It will allow the tree to add new growth alone. Tree pruning will also form a tree into a beautiful shape. It can cut back growth that is near any power lines or the home. The trunk of a tree is like the heart of the tree. For primary limbs to grow and be healthy, the limbs must be pruned. Pruning trees will remove any diseased branches. The disease branches will not affect the trunk of the tree if they have been removed. A specialist will trim trees properly by trimming on the branch side of a node. If a person who is just been called out to trim your trees doesn’t know about the branch side of the node, they just cut the branch anywhere, which can destroy the tree’s life. This is why it is essential to hire a tree trimming specialist.

Call the tree trimming specialists in Kansas City. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service is dedicated to tree trimming locally. The team takes pride in preserving trees and adding beauty to all landscape. Call the tree trimming experts! If you need 24 hour service, then call us. We are available 24 hours a day!

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